Rivile EDI (ECO)

Electronic data interchange

With Rivile EDI (ECO)

The system automatically informs the recipient about the document sent

Saves employees time preparing correspondence

Documents can be signed electronically

The customer receives the document instantly

No more archiving problems

Saves on postage

The Rivile EDI (ECO) system is for people who use Rivile GAMA software. A document that is either sent or received can be confirmed with an electronic signature.

Rivile EDI (ECO)
Cheaper, faster, easier.

Rivile EDI (ECO)
For Rivile GAMA Software Users

Online electronic invoicing system

What customers say about us

More than 30,000 companies keep their records with Rivile GAMA
As someone who uses the personnel model, I’m happy with Rivile. It can prepare various reports, acknowledgment of receipt documents and orders according to the wishes of each user. I’m very happy with UAB Rivile’s service. The moment new reports are needed or changes occur, they are very responsive and solve all of the problems promptly. I’d like to send a big thank you to Giedra – she fulfills all our wishes with speed and quality.
Irena Mrazauskienė
HR Manager, UAB Arginta Investment
This is great software, and not only for accounting, but for business management as well. There are lots of opportunities to adapt the software to your needs, both for managers and management. The software is constantly being updated and improved according to the customer’s wishes and requests. A great, sincere and helpful team. Thank you.
Mindaugas Kapleris
UAB Ligranta