Rivile MSCAN (mobile scanning application)


Rivile MSCAN - a mobile scanning app for working with the Rivile GAMA software in real time. The application can be launched on any mobile device that has a web browser.

This module is designed for users looking for more comfortable and efficient ways to perform tasks related to goods selection and recording:

  • selection of goods following the records of sales, purchase, return or internal movement operations;
  • recording of goods following the entry of purchase, return of sales or internal movement operations;
  • reconciliation of the quantities selected with the accounting operations;
  • adjusting the quantities in accounting operations according to the quantities selected;
  • formation of accumulator operations;
  • calculation of goods during stocktaking.

The goods can be scanned using the accumulator. If the app is launched on a mobile phone or tabletyou need a scanner that supports wireless technology.

Rivile MSCAN
Product Selection and Recording

Avoid incorrect selection and recording

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