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Automation of meat production and issuing

UAB Rivilė


System capabilities:

  • Automation of meat product crediting.
    Meat products are assembled items with pre-defined calculation cards.

Meat products are transported from the production department to the sorting department.

The entire trolley is weighed. The weight of packaging is known.

After weighing:

  • A production operation is formed for the net weight.
  • Stock operations are generated and automatically transferred for recording the receipt of any missing components.
  • The production operation is transferred.

Recording the receipt of raw meat and offal.
The offal packaged in boxes is placed on the scale.

A stock operation for the net weight is generated and transferred.

The raw meat is already credited.

  • Sorting and issuing raw meat and offal.
    Sales quotations for the raw meat and offal are already entered in the system.

On the basis of these sales quotations, sales orders are generated in proportion to the quantities entered which distribute the total quantity of raw meat and offal.

According to each order, the offal is sorted into boxes and weighed, labels with a barcode and the weight of the product are printed out and, finally, a box label with a unique barcode is printed out and affixed to the box.

Each order is issued. The issue window shows the items to be issued, arranged in sequence. The following actions are taken:

  • the raw meat is weighed;
  • the boxes with the offal are scanned;
  • everything is checked;
  • a packing slip is generated from the sales order and is automatically transferred, the invoice is printed out, and a delivery note is generated and automatically sent to the IVAZ system.