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System capabilities:

  • Attaching documents to a Rivile GAMA transaction or card.
  • Document storage in your choice of the Rivile GAMA internal database, an external database, a file system or at the Alfresco Repository.
  • Uploading documents into Rivile GAMA with drag and drop.
  • Uploading documents from a Microsoft Outlook e-mail message.

Advantages of using the Document Archive:

  • Multiple documents can be saved to a single Rivile GAMA transaction or card.
  • Metadata (“Document Name”, “Module”, “Department”, “Document Type”, etc.) can be added to a document.
  • The person responsible for entering the document in the accounts can be entered and notified by a Rivile GAMA letter.
  • The document is stored together with the Rivile GAMA transaction.
  • When the Alfresco Repository is selected for document storage, the documents can be accessed via a mobile app (Android or App Store).
  • Option of integrating a document approval portal.

Other information, requirements:

  • The system works with Rivile GAMA software.

 Preliminary price of the system:

  • Core (required at each workplace) – €30 + VAT.
  • Document archive (module) – €180 + VAT.

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