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Manufacturing Automation and Integration with EQUINOX

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When transferring pallets with products from production to the distribution department, a record of the reception and handover of the products is generated, as well as an XML file for the EQUINOX system.

System capabilities:

  • Pallets are transferred from the production department to the distribution department.
    A pallet may contain:

    • boxes with weighable products;
    • boxes with unit products.

All products are manufactured and have pre-defined calculation cards.

Labels with barcodes and weights are affixed to the boxes containing weighable products.

For products sold as individual items, barcodes are printed on the item packaging.

  • The products are scanned.

    Boxes with weighable products are scanned and the total weight of the products and the number of boxes is counted.

Unit products are scanned and counted. The number of boxes is entered and the quantity of items is adjusted if necessary.

  • After the scanning is complete:
    • Production operations are generated.
    • Stock operations are generated to record any missing components and are automatically transferred.
    • Production operations are transferred.
    • Internal movement operations from the production department to the distribution department are generated and transferred. In them, all scanned products, counted boxes and one pallet are transferred.
    • An XML file for the EQUINOX system is generated and saved to the specified directory.
    • A pallet label is printed out and affixed to the pallet.
    • The employees who performed the operation are assigned.