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Virtual Accountant

UAB Dycode


System capabilities

  • You’ll be able to import hard-copy purchase/sale invoices into Rivile GAMA automatically, without any additional manual work.
  • You’ll have an electronic archive of imported documents.

Advantages of using Virtual Accountant

  • You’ll save time, since you’ll no longer have to waste it on entering invoices into your accounts – you’ll have a permanent helper, day and night.
  • You’ll avoid mistakes, since company details are checked against data from the Center of Registers. Computers don’t make human errors, so there is significantly less work after the i.SAF declaration.
  • You’ll be able to enter invoices any time, even when you’re not at the office.
  • Large amounts can be processed – you’ll be able to process tens of thousands of invoices in a short time, so seasonal loads will go unnoticed.

Other information, requirements

  • The system works with Rivile GAMA software.

Preliminary price of the system

  • €0.30/document.
  • Price by separate agreement for more than 3,000 documents/month.

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