The new Rivile GAMA v115 contains GDPR, MSCAN modules and integration solutions

We released a new Rivile GAMMA v115 and took another important step – along with this version we introduce to you new GDPR and MSCAN modules, and a solution for e-commerce integration (EPI) with external e-commerce platforms and systems. Learn more and enjoy the following benefits:

  • The new Rivile GDPR module (General Data Protection Regulation) for the implementation of the provisions on personal data protection. Excessive personal data, information collected without the person’s consent, messy databases, and vague data retention periods are among the common problems faced by most of the companies. The GDPR sets out detailed requirements for companies and organisations on collecting, storing and managing personal data. Proper management of personal data brings a significant competitive advantage for the organisation and helps to protect it from heavy fines. A fine may amount to up to 2-4% of the total annual turnover of the preceding financial year, or up to 10-20 million euros. The five highest fines already imposed range from 9.5 up to 50 million euros, while the highest fine imposed in Lithuania was 61,500 euros. Rivile GDPR module will enable you to manage and account for the latest information related to personal data, perform search and correction operations, carry out analysis, and plan your actions. Upon the entry into force of the GDPR, any natural person has the right to request the organisation to rectify, modify or delete his/her data that the organisation holds. This can be easily implemented with the new Rivile GDPR tool as it has the integrated additional functionality for registration of all personal requests concerning their data, allowing to promptly draw up a breach notice in case of leakage of information. This module will allow you to demonstrate the efforts and compatibility with the GDPR provisions, which, according to experts, has a significant impact in the event of a breach. For more information on the GDPR module, see here.
  • The new Rivile MSCAN module for mobile devices. MSCAN is a mobile scanning app for working with the Rivile GAMA software in real time. The application can be launched on any mobile device that has a web browser. This module is designed for users looking for more comfortable and efficient ways to perform tasks related to goods selection and recording:
    1. selection of goods following the records of sales, purchase return or internal movement operations;
    2. recording of goods following the entry of purchase, return of sales or internal movement operations;
    3. reconciliation of the quantities selected with the accounting operations;
    4. adjusting the quantities in accounting operations according to the quantities selected;
    5. formation of accumulator operations;
    6. calculation of goods during stocktaking.

The goods can be scanned using the accumulator. If the app is launched on a mobile phone or tablet, with a separate scanner that supports wireless technology. Read more information about the MSCAN module here

  • The new Rivile EMI solution for e-commerce. The new version has the function of creating and adapting integrations with other external e-commerce platforms and systems (REST APIs). Direct import of sales from the Shopify system is the first implemented task. Similarly, you can import data from other e-commerce systems like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce (WordPress), Prestashop, etc. Read more here. If you have any inquiries, please contact us: or +370 5 2395535. If you are serviced by a Rivile partner, please use your partner’s contacts. Get the most out of Rivile GAMA!
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