Rivile MSCAN

Fast product selection and recording

Work more conveniently
with a mobile device or accumulator

  • Selection of goods following the records of sales, purchase, return or
    internal movement operations;
  • Recording of goods following the entry of purchase, return of sales or
    internal movement operations;
  • Reconciliation of the quantities selected with the accounting operations;
  • Adjusting the quantities in accounting operations according to the
    quantities selected;
  • Formation of accumulator operations;
  • Calculation of goods during stocktaking.
  • If the app is launched on a mobile phone or tablet, you need a scanner that supports wireless technology.

Rivile MSCAN - a mobile scanning app for working with the Rivile GAMA software in real time!


Svetlana Astanina

Male deputy accountant
20 hours ago

I have been a client of UAB "Rivilė" for many years. Very convenient program, clear, has many options, various reports, functions. Work is easy and pleasant. A great team, your employees are always pleasant to communicate, explain and help. All problems are solved promptly.

Liuda Grigentienė

VšĮ „VUL santaros klinikos“
April 21, 2022

We have been with UAB "Rivilė" since 2001. During the long years of work, we have improved and changed together, as accounting principles, taxes, and the exit of the litas have changed. All those years, we accountants were happy to have an excellent program, highly qualified service specialist Virgilija. Flexible program, many options, constantly improving program. We have recommended it to many institutions that were interested in accounting programs. We recommend it even now, because the program is convenient for work, simple, clear and accurate.

Irena Babachina

Male Accountant
February 14, 2022

Many years ago, I had to carefully analyze which accounting program to choose. And we chose Rivile GAMA from the many offered programs... and we were not mistaken... We are a manufacturing and trading company, we work with all program modules, which greatly facilitates the accountant's work.

Mindaugas Kapleris

UAB „Ligranta“
December 8, 2021

It is an excellent not only accounting but also business management software. There are great opportunities to adapt the program to your own needs, both for managers and management. The program is constantly updated and improved. We always listen to the wishes and wishes of our customers. Excellent, sincere and helpful team. Thank you.

Inga Bartkevičiūtė

UAB „Dangera“
November 19, 2021

Reviews about the program and staff are only the best. We have been using the Rivile GAMA program for many years. The program itself is easy to learn, if there are any questions, they are answered quickly. You can have a quick phone consultation or specialists can solve them remotely. We are satisfied with the work of your employee Kristina. We receive detailed information on all ... questions, requests for additional reports. We appreciate Kristina's comprehensive help and professionalism, which greatly improves and speeds up our work.

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