Rivile MGAMA

Online portal for working with the Rivile GAMA

Rivile MGAMA system benefits:

Mobile access
to Rivile GAMA features

Allows you to work with Rivile GAMA in a convenient way using a mobile device

Simple and
intuitive user interface

User-friendly and convenient management, submission of assigned tasks


Thanks to advanced technologies, the possibilities of existing Rivile GAMA users have been expanded


Wide functionality, various adaptations according to individual needs are offered

For all

The system is relevant for businesses of all sizes, existing and new customers

document approval

Allows you to monitor information and approve documents more conveniently, quickly and simply

task management

The ability to respond to assigned tasks in a real time has been implemented

HR solutions

An employee self-service and document approval system has been implemented

Access to
the system 24/7

Employees have the opportunity to check relevant information at any time

Program modules

A multi-module online portal that allows you to work with Rivile GAMA program in real time.

Approval of documents, tasks uploaded to Rivile GAMA, operation management:

  • Approval of purchase documents;
  • Approval of internal transfers;
  • Approval of company’s internal procedures;
  • Automatic messages;
  • Validation of documents uploaded to the DMS;
  • The ability to create customized request and information forms;
  • Customized solutions.

Submission and approval of requests, display of leave balance and history:

  • Submitting leave requests;
  • Approval of leave requests;
  • Displaying vacation history, balance and calendar;
  • Providing pay slips through the system;
  • Approval of rules of internal procedure;
  • Confirmation of business trips;
  • Submission and approval of remote working requests;
  • Submission and approval of requests for the payment of advances;
  • Possibility to create customised request and information forms;
  • Customized solutions.

Planned modules for business and personnel process management.

Frequently asked questions

Rivile MGAMA is an extension of the popular business management and accounting system Rivile GAMA, allowing you to access part of its functionality via a web browser from a variety of mobile devices. The solution is therefore targeted at existing or future businesses using Rivile GAMA.

The Rivile MGAMA system focuses on self-service functions for staff (leave requests, leave balances, submission of various requests, etc.) and managerial functions (review and approval of requests and various documents, review of performance indicator information, etc.). All this information is available on smart devices equipped with a web browser.

Please fill in the registration form and we will contact you.

Yes, because Rivile MGAMA is a system that allows you to connect and access user-accessible functions using a web browser. The solution is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

No limit to the number of users of Rivile MGAMA. All employees of your company can be registered.

Rivile MGAMA is available to all employees of the company, regardless of whether they work with Rivile GAMA or not.

As the Rivile MGAMA system is based on Rivile GAMA, the location of the data you collect or store does not change – everything stays in your existing Rivile GAMA business management system, within your infrastructure.

– A Rivile lease agreement is signed, specifying the charging terms, and a Rivile GAMA version access agreement
(* if you are using the Rivile API, you will have these agreements in place, so you don’t need to do anything extra)
– A Rivile Gateway is installed on your infrastructure to access your data
(* if you use the Rivile API, you have a Rivile Gateway, so you don’t need to do anything extra)
– Configuration of the Rivile GAMA system (states, validations, settings)
– Creating MGAMA users from the Rivile GAMA system
As soon as users are created, they can start using the system.

Rivile MGAMA is designed so that all the validations performed and the information provided for decision-making can be tailored to the customer’s needs. All system solutions are used more as templates, designed according to the experience gained to meet the needs of the majority of clients. However, the system also allows for the development of solutions tailored to the client’s specialized needs.

Rivile MGAMA is designed so that the application forms are customizable to the client’s needs. All system solutions are used more as templates, designed according to the experience gained to meet the needs of the majority of clients. However, the system also allows for the development of solutions tailored to the client’s specialized needs.


Svetlana Astanina

Deputy Chief Accountant
20 hours ago

I’ve been a Rivile customer for years. It’s very user-friendly software – it’s easy to understand and has a lot of options, various reports and functions. It’s easy and pleasant to work with. You have a great team – your employees are always happy to talk, explain and help. All problems are solved quickly.

Liuda Grigentienė

PI „VUL santaros klinikos“
April 21, 2022

We’ve been with Rivile since 2001. Over the years, we have improved and changed together, along with the changing accounting principles, taxes and the introduction of the euro. All those years, we accountants were happy that we had great software and Virgilija, who is a top-notch service professional. It’s flexible software that has a lot of possibilities and is constantly evolving. We have recommended it to many institutions that were interested in accounting software. And we still recommend it now, because the software is user-friendly, simple, clear and accurate.

Irena Babachina

Chief Accountant
February 14, 2022

Many years ago, I did an in-depth analysis of which accounting software to choose. And out of all the software out there, we chose Rivile GAMA... And it was a good call... We’re a manufacturing and trading company, and we work with all the software modules, which makes the accountant’s work a lot easier.

Mindaugas Kapleris

JSC „Ligranta“
December 8, 2021

This is great software, and not only for accounting, but for business management as well. There are lots of opportunities to adapt the software to your needs, both for managers and management. The software is constantly being updated and improved according to the customer’s wishes and requests. A great, sincere and helpful team. Thank you.

Inga Bartkevičiūtė

JSC „Dangera“
November 19, 2021

Our feedback about the software and the employees is only the best. We’ve been using Rivile GAMA for years. The software itself is easy to master, and any issues that come up are quickly resolved. You can get quick advice over the phone, or their specialists can resolve them remotely. We are happy with the work of your employee Kristina. We get detailed information on all questions and requests for additional reports. We appreciate Kristina’s full support and professionalism, which really improves and speeds up our work.

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