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  • Complete Rivile ERP functionality
  • Introductory training
  • Free consultation for 90 days
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19€/month - user "Administrator"
19€/month - user "Financier"

Plan is issued to those with 1 company and a maximum of 2 customers

30 days for FREE!


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  • One company is granted
    (additional company: 10€/month)
  • Complete Rivile ERP functionality
  • Introductory training
  • Free consultation for 90 days
    (15min. per working day)
25€/month - user "Manager"
39€/month - user "Administrator"
39€/month - user "Financier"

Plan issued to those with more than 1 company and/or more than 2 customers

30 days for FREE!


per user
  • One company is granted
    (additional company: 1€/month)
  • Complete Rivile ERP functionality
  • Introductory training
  • Free consultation for 90 days
    (15min. per working day)
39€/month - user "Manager"
39€/month - user "Administrator"
39€/month - user "Financier"

Plan issued to those with more than 1 company and/or more than 2 customers

Rivile ERP system benefits

Flexible management of goods logistics

Allows you to manage the delivery process, see arriving goods

Cloud technology

Saves infrastructure costs and time for system startup

Flexible pricing in the system

Enables you to create and apply a variety of discount systems

Easy to start

Key functions you can learn in just 4 hours

Secure data

Data security standards are ensured by the cloud solution

Data sharing between your companies

You can group your companies into organizations and share data

Facilitates work and provides
information in a real time

  • Form general ledger operations, account for income and expenses of the coming periods;
  • Form debit/credit transactions;
  • To form supplier and buyer debt settlement operations;
  • Carry out export/import of SEPA bank transfers to/from banking systems;
  • Form Fixed asset operations;
  • Form the iSAF data file;
  • Create standard accounting reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, overdue debt report, etc.)

  • Form Purchase/Sales order operations;
  • Form the operations of receiving/writing off goods in the warehouse;
  • Form Purchase/Sales invoices;
  • Form inventory adjustment operations;
  • Administer Supplier/Buyer contracts;
  • Administer the prices of Goods/Services in various sections;

Presentation of client cases

Frequently asked questions

Rivile ERP is a modern solution for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to carry out full accounting and manage their business (especially sales) processes.

Fill in the registration form: Register – Rivile.

In the comments section of the registration form (Register – Rivile), please indicate your preferred method of access (e.g. DEMO environment required; Interested in a one-to-one presentation; Interested in attending the next webinar, etc.).

Rivile ERP is a Cloud solution that does not require investments for the purchase of a server, its constant maintenance and updating. A basic computing device with an internet connection is sufficient for an employee’s workplace.

Yes, because Rivile ERP is a WEB-based system that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Rivile ERP can be used by an unlimited number of users.

Yes, in Rivile ERP it is possible to manage multiple companies from a single account, i.e. an organisation can have one or many companies and they are all accounted for in one database.

Rivile ERP is installed with the initial application settings, allowing you to start working with the system the same day.

Import of Rivile ERP data (e.g. initial data balances) is possible using Excel templates.

Imports available for today:

  • DK journal entries;
  • Sales, service cards;
  • Suppliers, buyers;
  • Inventory balances;
  • Debt balances;
  • Fixed asset cards;
  • Fixed asset balances.

Detailed descriptions of imports can be found here:

Creating (importing) a customer card | Rivile ERP Guide
Import/Export | Rivile ERP Guide

Yes, the user manual and training material is available on the Rivile website: Pradžia | Rivile ERP gidas. The User Guide is also conveniently available in the Rivile ERP software.

Rivile ERP includes a handy help tool for logging questions or problems.

If you sign up for Rivile ERP before 1 November this year, you will be able to use the system for free until 1 July 2024.

From 1 July 2024, the user licence starts at €19/month excluding VAT.

If you sign up for Rivile ERP before 1 November this year, we will consult you for up to 15 minutes per working day for free


Tomas Simonis

JSC UAB "Evex"
December 21, 2023

We are new to the market, so we had quite a list of questions and needs. Solutions were professionally proposed to manage the required processes with the existing functionalities and additional needs were promptly realised. So I would like to thank and praise the ERP team for their prompt, exemplary service and support. I highly recommend using this system. If you don't find something, you will definitely be heard!

Senior Accountant Petrutė Labutienė

JSC "Inrada"
December 18, 2023

Rivile ERP matched our vision of the system: fast and quality service, friendly and helpful consultants. The system is comfortable and easy to work with. The saying "genius lies in simplicity" is true. We plan to continue using Rivile ERP. We are looking forward to the next functionalities of the software.

Marija Bagdonavičiūtė

LP „Skaičių mazgas“
September 07, 2023

Rivile EPR - a cloud-hosted, simplified version of Rivile GAMA. The system is mobile, with the ability to connect from anywhere, anytime. Very flexible, as it is possible to configure the application for the needs of the business, rather than applying the business to the application. User-friendly, as the application is easy to understand and it is possible to set the system parameters independently. Rivile ERP is a responsive system as it has a fast and friendly support department. This new product is well suited for - financial accounting services.

Company accountant

JSC "Robotechnika"
August 30, 2023

As we had experience and had been working with Rivile GAMA for many years, when we were offered the opportunity to learn about Rivile ERP, we took it. The system proved to be quite attractive, especially for those working with sales of goods. The interface and the layout of the modules were clear and easy to use. The number of different functions. Possibility to ask a question or report an error immediately in the system. The service of the system is excellent. Quick response and reply, willingness to help and improve the application from Rivile's side. All queries were received and dealt with promptly.

Jurgita Laurinavičienė

JSC „Oferto“
August 25, 2023

We are very satisfied with Rivile ERP. There is no need to rent a server and you can work from any workstation. It is convenient to open several windows of the system at the same time. High quality service - quick response to questions.

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