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Import of sales data from WooCommerce (Wordpress)

UAB Rivilė


System options:

  • Automatic connection to the WooCommerce system and direct import of sales orders;
  • Flexible standardized and fully parameterized system;
  • Input of both detailed sales lines and totals;
  • Ability to import when creating a new unique customer and using the same customer code;
  • Import based on calculated VAT in the WooCommerce system or selection of VAT calculation in Rivile GAMA system;
  • Automatic reconciliation of the document against sales orders paid in WooCommerce;
  • Automatic re-import of the document when the document is discarded.

Other information requirements:

  • The system is supported in Rivile GAMA v115 or higher.
  • Valid version access agreement.

Indicative system price:

  • 60 EUR – activation of Rivile EPI (e-commerce integration).
  • Number of queries in Rivile API v2 – actual number of queries (from 0 EUR /month).
  • Installation and adaptation (on the basis of the actual workload under the terms of the service contract).