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Rivile GAMA

Integration with Venipak

UAB Rivilė


System capabilities:

  • Registering shipments in the Venipak system directly from the Rivile GAMA application for the customer.
  • Printing shipping labels in the Rivile GAMA application.

Advantages of using Rivile Venipak:

  • The system automatically registers shipments in the Venipak online shipment registration/delivery system.
  • Saves employees time preparing and registering shipments.
  • The Venipak system instantly receives the request to pick up and transport the shipment(s).
  • No need to re-enter the information into the Venipak online system.

Other details and requirements:

  • The system works with the Rivile GAMA/Rivile SOLO applications.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • Starting at €800.