“Rivile’s” rapid growth was evaluated by “Financial Times”

“Rivile” is happy with a new rating – a place in the prestigious “Financial Times” list of the fastest growing European companies.

For the sixth consecutive year, “Financial Times” publishes a list of companies from various sectors whose incomes grew the fastest in the last four years. The FT 1000 company ranking is a joint initiative of the Financial Times and the market analytics company Statista. The latter performs market analysis, collects and evaluates data, communicates directly with tens of thousands of companies.

Rivile’s revenue growth in the estimated period of 2017-2020 reached 166%, which led to the company’s position in the list of the fastest growing European companies. The FT 1000 recognition achieved in the thirty years of the company’s existence shows that a mature company that has made decisive decisions and implemented changes can grow like a startup.

“We are very happy and proud to be noticed and evaluated among the millions of companies operating in Europe. This achievement shows that the excellent implementation of the new strategy, changing the business model, and focusing on the implementation of innovation and modern management principles have yielded tangible results.” – says the head of “Rivile’s” strategic investor “Advantes technologies”, dr. Vilius Kontrimas.

During the evaluated period, the company experienced purposeful, planned internal changes and significant market shocks caused by the pandemic. “Revenue growth during such a challenging period shows that we are a strong company, and the products we develop and the services we provide are critical for organizations to survive and grow in challenging times.” – says Evaldas Ziedelis, responsible for sales and marketing of Rivile.

“I believe that this achievement is a beautiful assessment of our results, which contributes to the promotion of Lithuanian business and the spread of the Rivile name as we enter new markets with new products that are being developed, and increases our awareness in Lithuania and abroad . I want to sincerely thank all employees, partners, customers, whose joint efforts led to such success.” – says dr. Vilius Kontrimas.

About the Financial Times
“Financial Times” is a prestigious business, financial, economic and political daily newspaper and portal. The newspaper has a global circulation of 600,000. copies. Headquartered in London, but with editorial offices in the US, Europe and elsewhere. The owner of the daily newspaper is the Japanese company Nikkei.

About Statista
Statista is a German company specializing in market and consumer data analysis. The company provides statistical analysis, data collection services to business clients, teachers, researchers.

About Rivile

“Rivile” is a business management and accounting system with which more than 30 thousand companies in Lithuania are managed and accounted for. in 1992 The company founded by UAB “Rivilė” has grown and maintains its popularity due to a constantly developing, flexible and very diverse product that meets business needs, a wide network of program installers and developers, and an exceptional team of professionals. Advantes Technologies, a strategic investor who took over the helm of the company in 2018, is constantly increasing the company’s capabilities, investing in the development of new products and planning expansion in foreign markets.

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