Testing, certification and free full-version online Rivile GAMA course now available

Those who want to improve their competence, self-assess the level of knowledge, all the while saving the time spent for learning and increasing job satisfaction, now have the opportunity to do it with a free online Rivile GAMA course! The material designed for Rivile GAMA software beginners covers the main software modules and provides the basic information of working with the software.
Everyone can now take the knowledge proficiency tests, register for exams and obtain Rivile GAMA specialist certificates. Tests are free of charge and the number of attempts is unlimited. The price of the exam is 100 EUR.
The free full-version online Rivile GAMA course is available for preparation – it is supplemented with HR and payroll materials, videos and tasks.
You can find all information and the free online Rivile GAMA course here.
Let’s grow together!

Yours sincerely,
The Rivile team