Business Analytics with BIfree

System capabilities:

  • Standardized analytic applications: sales, inventory, finance, etc.;
  • Data is uploaded directly from the Rivile GAMA system;
  • Flexible modern data analytics;
  • Ability to expand and generate visualizations of your data.

Advantages of using BIfree:

  • Standardized analytic applications developed in accordance with best practices are an opportunity to use tested solutions;
  • BIfree applications give you a 360-degree view of the data – the analytics are not limited by any pre-defined scenarios;
  • This modern and flexible system is open: users can independently generate the missing data visualizations;
  • Augmented intelligence helps users by generating possible data visualizations;
  • Qlik’s unique and patented associative data engine gives you a comprehensive view of your data rather than just a part of it, provides additional insights, and prompts answers to questions you haven’t even asked;
  • This open source project allows you to modify the data loading logic according to your specific needs.

Other details and requirements:

  • The system works with the Rivile GAMA/Rivile SOLO applications.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • BIfree analytical applications are free of charge –they are based on a free Qlik Sense Desktop.


JSC „Day Q Analytics“

Rivile Product

Rivile GAMA