DATALOGIC commerce B2B system

DATALOGIC commerce is an online B2B order acceptance system. Intended for manufacturer and wholesaler customers to place orders. The system is individually adapted to the specifics of each client’s business.

System Capabilities:

  • Product catalog for customers;
  • Smart product search;
  • Individual customer prices, pricing automation;
  • Individual product catalog (private label products);
  • Configurable item ordering;
  • Product balance, multi warehouses, product delivery/production date;
  • Orders from inbound cargo;
  • Multi orders, repeating orders;
  • Order history, status tracking;
  • Download of invoices (reconciliation act);
  • Mobile App;
  • Submitting orders from Excel;
  • Full integration with Rivile GAMA;
  • Multilingualism.

Advantages of using:

  • Professional product support and consulting on all related issues;
  • Specialized system exclusively for B2B trade;
  • Reduces technical work for managers (from 30% to 70%);
  • Practically eliminates errors in orders;
  • Effective communication with customers regarding orders;
  • Accepting orders 24/7;
  • Formation of orders during customer visits, exhibitions, etc;
  • Prestige and greater competitive advantage.


  • Rivile Versions Access Agreement in force;
  • Rivile API v2 (REST).

Indicative price of the system:

  • The price is negotiated during consultations. From €45/month. 1 per user;
  • Number of Rivile API v2 requests by fact (from €0 / month).



DLS, OU Lietuva

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Rivile GAMA