eRobots – robots for accounting

Accounting robots free employees from routine and monotonous tasks. This allows employees to do higher value work, increase their motivation and reduce the number of human errors.

System Capabilities:

  • Sodra SAM reporting robot:
    • generates employee SAM reports in the Rivile GAMA system;
    • the eFormFiller program checks and adds information to them;
    • presents them to Sodra.
  • Amortization calculation robot in the Rivile GAMA system:
    • recalculates the amortization of company assets at the beginning of each month;
    • generates and saves the report in the specified location.
  • VMI cross-check reporting bot:
    • after connecting to the VMI portal, checks whether a cross-check report has been created for the company;
    • if so, downloads and saves them in the specified location.

Advantages of using:

  • Accounting robots are for rent, so:
    • pay for the work of the robot, not for programming the robot;
    • no need to worry about updating the bot when the user interface changes;
    • no need for large initial investment;
    • lower software bot license costs.

Other information, requirements:

  • Accounting robots are created on the Microsoft Power platform;
  • The Sodra SAM robot works most efficiently with a USB electronic signature on a physical computer;
  • Other bots can run on both a physical computer and a virtual machine.

Indicative price of the system:

  • The price of renting robots depends on the specific robot and the number of companies processed by it, and starts from €120/month.



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