Front – management of service and installation work

Get rid of paper documents, reduce costs and provide clarity to employees and customers with a fully automated remote technical scheduling and execution program.

System capabilities:

  • Real-time task monitoring;
  • Task History;
  • Calendar for technicians’ work planning;
  • Customer and technician questionnaires;
  • Digital and remote signing methods;
  • Automation of warehouse movements by integration with Rivile Gama;
  • Equipment status monitoring;
  • Custom fields;
  • Customer platform;
  • Multilingualism.

Advantages of using:

  • Manage your team in real time, wherever they are. Employees can register task status, progress, add customer requests and synchronize tasks in the system;
  • The program allows you to optimize and automate periodic procedures, removing obstacles from your team’s path.

Other information, requirements:

  • Integration with Rivile Gama;
  • Possibility to integrate with other systems (ERP, CRM).

Indicative price of the system:

  • Rivile Versions Access Agreement;
  • Rivile API key;
  • 29 EUR for 1 user per month.



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