HCM.LT HR Management System

System capabilities:

  • Secure collection and management of any personnel-related information;
  • Automated generation of personnel documents;
  • Electronic vacation leave;
  • Electronic business trips;
  • Electronic presentation of internal procedures;
  • Automated notifications and reminders;
  • Self-service for employees;
  • Integration with Rivile;
  • Multilingual;
  • Used daily by thousands of employees in Lithuania working at companies of different sizes, in different industries.

Advantages of using the HCM.LT HR Management System:

  • Instant access to all of the data of the employees working at your company and change history from any device. The employee card contains all necessary information and history (salaries, bonuses awarded, qualifications, projects carried out, penalties, vacation leave, annual targets, etc.), related personnel documents, vacation leave history and balance, and internal procedures sent out to become acquainted with;
  • All personnel documents – such as contracts, annexes, applications, and orders – are automatically generated in just seconds. All documents are stored and are easily accessible and traceable. No human error or mechanical work;
  • Generating orders and schedules and integrating them with Rivile, and requesting, coordinating and approving vacation days and business trips online is easy and fast. Precise calculation of vacation balances in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • The company calendar displays the entire team’s vacation and business travel plans so you can plan your activities accordingly. The system automatically informs all relevant persons of important dates and events, such as the end of probationary periods or fixed-term contracts, vacation balances, expiration of the rights to statutory parental days off, employee birthdays, etc. Smooth processes without any delays;
  • Electronic briefing of employees on internal rules, occupational safety and health documents, instructions, work schedules and the company’s other internal documents. Proper documentation of internal rules and saved signing history;
  • Data can easily be exported to MS Excel, processed, and uploaded back. Work in the way that’s convenient for you;
  • SaaS saves money. No need to worry about servers, archiving, updating, support, or IT maintenance professionals. Everything has already been arranged in a reliable and secure manner;
  • Electronic processes save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Other details and requirements:

  • The system works with the Rivile GAMA application.

Preliminary subscription price for the system:

  • €1-5/employee/month, depending on the functionality selected;
  • For more than 500 employees – by separate agreement.


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Rivile GAMA