Integration with Omniva (BIT)

System capabilities:

  • Importing purchase documents from Omniva (documents and purchase PDF files);
  • Exporting supplier lists to Omniva;
  • Exporting dimensions to Omniva.

Advantages of Integration with Omniva (BIT):

  • Ability to specify the period from which the documents will be imported prior to importing (in the standard case, the date of the last imported document is suggested);
  • Purchase documents are initially uploaded into import/export operations, the description of which includes information on the number of the imported document, the supplier’s code and the date of the document;
  • Importing into purchase documents is done via a standard Rivile GAMA internal data import function, which enables incompletely imported operations to be checked and re-imported after the errors are corrected.

Other details and requirements:

  • The system operates within the environment of the Rivile GAMA application.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • Integration with Omniva (BIT) – €490 + VAT.



JSC „Bitsoftas“

Rivile Product

Rivile GAMA