Mark Sign e-mail signing documents

Signing electronic documents Mark Sign.

Conveniently and securely confirm agreements remotely – sign documents with a qualified electronic signature. You will no longer need to print, sign, scan, transport or send hand-signed paper documents. You can do everything safely and quickly with just a few clicks on your computer or phone screen.

Sign important documents simply and easily in just a few minutes:

  • Electronic signature with legal status in the European Union;
  • Signing documents using a qualified Smart-ID or mobile electronic signature;
  • Continuously improving the system;
  • Documents can be submitted for signature directly from the Rivile GAMA system.

Compliance with security requirements:

Conforms to the Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 (“eIDAS”) and the provisions and technical requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • Rivile versions access agreement in effect;

System reference price (Mark Sign):

  • Minimum monthly fee: from 99 EUR.
  • Signature signing price: from 0.21 EUR.

More information and benefits on the Mark Sign page: Try it for free yourself!



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