Analytics with Power BI

PRODIVI business analytics with the Power BI tool provides automation of reports, comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial activities, necessary for making decisions in your business.

System Capabilities:

  • Company data is updated daily, directly from the Rivile GAMA database;
  • The most important financial indicators of the company, their changes, are presented visually and comprehensibly;
  • PnL model, Balance, Warehouse, Purchases, Sales and other reports are adapted to your accounting;
  • Connecting additional data sources (CRM, ERP, Warehouse management, Project management systems, etc.) provides an opportunity to integrate data with each other.

Advantages of using:

  • Reports are presented visually and in detail with the possibility of interactive filtering by various slices;
  • Updating of reports, data is offered – up to 48 times a day depending on the license;
  • Selecting the most important information and ensuring that the available data is accurate;
  • You can analyze and share insights across your organization;
  • Your team can work with the same data, collaborate on data and create new reports.

Indicative price of the system:

  • Implementation costs: The cost of the report suite is negotiable depending on the scope of the project and the client’s processes;
  • Monthly costs:
    • Power BI Pro license €9.00/month/user;
    • Power BI Premium per User (PPU) – €20.00/month/user.



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