Restaurant System nPoint (nSoft)

The nPoint system has been under development in Lithuania by the company UAB nSoft since 2004. The application is constantly being improved by a team of developers, and can easily be adapted to different customer needs and market changes. The system is equally suitable for a small café or bar, or for a large chain of restaurants.

We have many satisfied customers who have switched from other systems to nPoint and have never looked back. Our customers value our fast 24/7 service and the easy-to-understand application handling.

In the restaurant business, the highest staff turnover is at the cash register, and new employees have to jump right in. This is why we collaborated with the owner of Sweet Root restaurant to re-design the cash register module. We clearly achieved our goal, because our new customers often mention that the cash register is so intuitive that even newcomers don’t have any questions.

The nPoint system includes a complete inventory of raw materials, import of EDI documents, orders for suppliers, a discount system, portable terminals for waiters, terminals or printers for kitchen order tickets, various reports in the administration and cash register modules, and a web reporting module.

It also has automated invoicing from the cash register, various payment options (e.g. advance invoice, credit invoice, gift voucher, MOQ, PaySera, goNpay), identification of customers or personnel with a contactless card, fingerprint, barcode, and many other convenient features.The nPoint system is integrated with Rivile GAMA.


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