Rivile Apps – GamaREP

System capabilities:

  • Dynamic data querying;
  • Real-time receipt of data from the Rivile GAMA database;
  • Data export to a Microsoft Excel document for analysis with PivotTable tools;
  • Administration of user rights.

Advantages of using GamaREP:

  • Wide scope of analysis with Rivile GAMA modules (purchases, sales, internal accounting, current inventories, FIFO inventories and turnover, POS receipts, loyalty analysis, debt status and turnover, general ledger account balance and turnover, etc.);
  • Ability to select the quantity to be analyzed to the extent needed;
  • Optimizing data reception speed by selecting only the data needed for a specific report;
  • Ability to analyze data of any company entered into Rivile GAMA.

Other details and requirements:

  • The system works with the Rivile GAMA application data (compatible with Microsoft SQL and SQL Anywhere);
  • Optional modules:
    • management of retail promotions and discounts (adding discounts to items in specific departments, definition of periods, discounts to loyal customers, addition to compensate for promotions, etc.);
    • dynamic adjustment of inventory data (like in an Excel spreadsheet);
    • accounting of working time (integration with osTicket task management system).

Preliminary price of the system:

  • GamaREP MINI package (one user only) – €360 + VAT;
  • Online version:
    • Core (required at each workplace) – €40 + VAT;
    • Main modules – between €80 and €120 + VAT.



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