Rivile EDI (ECO)

System capabilities:

  • Send invoices or other documents to the customer directly from Rivile GAMA;
  • Receive invoices or other documents through the Rivile EDI (ECO) system;
  • Receive invoices or other documents directly to Rivile GAMA.

Advantages with Rivile EDI (ECO):

  • The system automatically informs the recipient about the document sent;
  • Saves employees time preparing correspondence;
  • Documents can be signed electronically;
  • The customer receives the document being sent instantly;
  • No more archiving problems;
  • Saves on postage.

Other information, requirements:

  • The system works with Rivile GAMA/Rivile SOLO software.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • Up to 50 documents/month – free of charge;
  • 50-150 documents/month – €20/month;
  • Price by separate agreement for more than 150 documents/month.



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Rivile Product

Rivile GAMA