Soft4RealEstate is a flexible solution for companies managing commercial real estate: office and residential buildings, shopping centers, retail premises, warehouses, land plots, industrial facilities and other commercial real estate

System Capabilities:

Capabilities of real estate management system:

  • You will be able to easily and quickly track and manage the information of potential and existing tenants, contracts, taxes, rented buildings and premises, services provided in one place, create flexible pricing, monitor the most important business indicators in real time , prepare the necessary reports with business analytics tools;
  • SOFT4RealEstate – Integration with Rivile GAMA. The integration provides an opportunity to use the business management system and to use an external financial accounting program. In this way, users have the opportunity to use different programs and their environments, but see the same, real-time information;
  • SOFT4RealEstate is a flexible business management software solution for companies managing real estate:
    • offices and residential buildings;
    • shopping centers;
    • retail trade premises;
    • warehouse;
    • land parcels;
    • industrial facilities and other commercial real estate.

Asset Management:

  • Tracking and managing rental information;
  • Potential and existing customer management;
  • Distribution and Control of Common Service Taxes;
  • Tracking real estate tax and insurance information;
  • Work Order Management;
  • Forecast of rental premises occupancy graphically;
  • Map of rental premises;
  • Tenant Portal.

Accounting and reporting:

  • Tax rates and billing tracking;
  • Automated invoicing;
  • Flexible expense tracking;
  • Integrated financial accounting;
  • Advanced Estimating and Forecasting;
  • Real-time reports;
  • Reports are customized for each user by role;
  • Efficient data analysis.

Business Management:

  • Roll centers for each user;
  • Document Management;
  • Document import and export;
  • Ready document templates;
  • Task management;
  • Integration with other solutions.

Sales Management:

  • Tracking of potential customers for available rental space;
  • Independent reports and desktops;
  • Communication history;
  • Newsletters for different segments;
  • Tracking sales stages;
  • Sales manager’s daily activities desktop;
  • Activity Chart: Clear Tracking of Sales Team Workload;
  • Opportunity monitoring;
  • Contact Management;
  • Uploading, managing and editing documents;
  • Customer information available on any device.

SOFT4RealEstate helps property managers:

  • Use a unified, integrated solution;
  • Effectively manage large flows of information by providing employees – property managers – with an easy-to-use tool to perform their daily tasks;
  • Timely and quickly serve existing customers and always know the status of potential customers;
  • Reduce operational costs and enjoy 8x faster* invoicing process;
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance and service costs of NT;
  • Enjoy real-time reports and 10x faster* data analysis;
  • Improve communication with tenants and raise their satisfaction level thanks to the Tenant Portal (tenants can independently upload turnover indicators, see historical information, contracts, work order statuses);
  • See occupied and free rooms instantly;
  • Manage contracts, work orders from third-party suppliers and tenants.

Indicative price of the system:

  • System pricing consists of system installation, license rental and service.




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