Analytics with Power BI

System capabilities:

  • Fast information search;
  • Selectable information granularity levels as needed;
  • Visualization of information;
  • Ability to update reports up to 8 times a day;
  • Use of unified reports across the company Ability to share the report with all employees;
  • Quick setup of standard reports for the client and low system activation costs;
  • Microsoft Power BI Pro Licensing;
  • Creation of additional reports according to the client’s needs, training and consulting as needed.


  • You will have the opportunity to monitor the company’s income and expenditure (profit and loss) data, other financial indicators, their dynamics and trends;
  • The wage report – it is useful to a personnel manager, who monitors the dynamics of salaries;
  • Changes in the customer’s shopping basket – it will help to monitor customer habits, changes and the dynamics of sales;
  • On-hand quantity report – it will help to track the movement of goods, and better control the remaining quantities;
  • Employee performance assessment reports (sales, attracted customers) – it will help to assess employee performance more accurately and track their progress towards the set goals. The report will also help to create the motivation system in the company;
  • Standard reports will be constantly updated, so every day you’ll see all the latest data;
  • You will be able to connect multiple data sources for deeper data analysis.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • Activation fee according to the scope of work (Connection of the standard system to customer data, license assignment, automatic data update settings, training on how to use the system);
  • Support fee – €45/month. This includes one Microsoft Power BI PRO license, 1 hour/month consultation, and system support;
  • Specialized solutions – under separate agreement.



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