Vecticum – process management system

VECTICUM is a user-friendly digitization platform for business that helps organizations optimize daily business processes, make them faster, simpler and more efficient

System capabilities:

Working with various business enterprises, VECTICUM can offer the following automated solutions:

  • Accounting and Finance:
    • Advance accounting management;
    • Management of incoming invoices:
      • Digitalization of accounts;
      • Assigning accounts to cost centers;
      • Comparison of invoice lines with Rivile product codes.
      • Integration with Rivile GAMA:
    • Bill Payment Management.
  • Personnel Management:
    • Staff self-service;
    • Organizational structure;
    • Selection management: CV database, position database, linking of open (wanted) positions with CVs in the database;
    • Employee data management (employee file);
    • Onboarding;
    • Management of employee dismissal from the company (offboarding);
    • Probation evaluation;
    • Managing employment contracts and related changes;
    • Management of work schedules and spreadsheets;
    • Managing leave requests;
    • Managing business trips and related expenses;
    • Performance evaluation;
    • Organization and management of training;
    • Management of mandatory familiarization with regulatory documents.
  • Document Management:
    • Letter: management of company incoming/outgoing correspondence;
    • Document management: Procedures, Orders, Employee requests, Various other company documents;
    • Management of commercial contracts and their signing by e-mail. signature;
    • Management of employment contracts and their signing by e-mail. signature.
  • Purchase requisition management;
  • Administration:
    • Task management;
    • Board decision-making management;
    • Internal communication: Intranet for internal communication.

Advantages of using:

  • Waste of time;

Working with paper documents has become a burden for most. This is not only inefficient, but now that many are working remotely, it is even problematic.

  • Standardization of processes;

With the help of the system, processes are unified and standardized within the company or even between different companies of the group. This avoids human errors, forgetting to do something, and saves the time of all employees. Standardized and automated processes save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

  • Competition;

As the market becomes global, when the sales of products and services are no longer restricted by national borders, the competition between businesses is becoming increasingly fierce. In the long run, those who are able to optimize their processes to the maximum will remain in the market. Digitization of business processes is one of the stages of the industrial revolution, which helps companies eliminate manual work and waste of time, move forward and improve the quality of their operations, and remain competitive in the market.

  • Satisfaction;

No matter how big or small your business is, it depends on the engagement, motivation and quality of your employees. Meaningless work is one of the biggest factors that demotivates a person. The best employees deserve to be equipped with the best modern tools!

  • Data storage;

Don’t worry about storing your important data – the system will take care of that. Instantly access all your company data from any device. Data can be easily exported to MS Excel, processed and generated back.

Other information:

  • Cloud computing (Cloud based);
  • Full data encryption (end-to-end encryption) is ensured;
  • Mobile app (web progressive app);
  • Ensured system speed;
  • System modules are mutually integrated;
  • The data in the system is accessible at any time and from any place without additional or intermediate means of connection (e.g. remote desktop, VPN, etc.);
  • Multilingualism – Lithuanian and English are available in the standard version. Any other language can be loaded for an additional fee;
  • Secure information storage and management;
  • Automatic generation of documents;
  • Automatic notifications and reminders;
  • Self-service for employees;
  • Integration with Rivile GAMA;

Indicative price of the system:

  • One-time installation price: from 500 Eur+VAT/module;
  • Monthly license support price: from 95 Eur+VAT/up to 10 users/month.


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