is a professional e-mail. Shop system allowing you to sell more.
A perfectly developed system for business growth on the Internet.
Suitable for both professionals and beginners.
Many developed modules and integrations with payment, carrier and accounting systems.
Suitable for both retail and wholesale trade.

System Capabilities:

  • Professional, elaborate email. commerce system with secure SSL connection, one-step shopping, automatic filling of buyer’s zip code during purchase, version for mobile devices;
  • Ability to integrate with Rivile GAMA system and save time for administration;
  • Solution for wholesale trade, trade abroad with 0% VAT;
  • Preparation of commercial offers at non-standard prices;
  • Price lists, multi-warehouses, deposit management, automatic sale of gift vouchers, adaptive mobile version;
  • and marketplace interfaces;
  • Integrations with carriers and payment collection systems;
  • Ability to import goods directly from supplier systems.

Advantages of using:

  • Optimized purchasing process enables faster order fulfillment and thus more sales;
  • In particular, the e-shop system has been worked out to the smallest detail according to SEO requirements;
  • Google and Facebook plugins e-mail for trade.

Other information, requirements:

  • Professional help and support from the developer;
  • Individual programming and design works;
  • Professional training with the help of video;
  • Constantly improving system.

Examples of work:

Indicative price of the system:

  • Rent from 39 eur/month + VAT
  • Purchase from 890 eur + VAT



Rivile Product

Rivile GAMA