Rivile ERP – a tool for efficient accounting and business management

JSC “Rivilė” has launched a modern cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management and accounting system that is intuitive, functional, fast and user-friendly. The system is perfectly suited for medium and small retail and service businesses

ERP allows the most detailed level of accounting and management of stock and pricing of goods and services, and is very convenient for small businesses where summary accounting is sufficient. The system can be tailored to the specific and individual needs of the company. “Rivilė” pays particular attention to the quality and speed of service of this new product.

As technology improves, cloud-based business management and accounting systems are becoming increasingly popular. These systems are characterized by the fact that there is no need to worry about the technical resources of the applications and the need to find expensive IT specialists to maintain the software, and there are no restrictions on the physical workplace as the system can be accessed via a web browser from any location. Employees from different organizations can work on the same system, e.g. an accountant from another company can do the accounting, while the company’s own processes and activities, from the manager up to the top management, can be managed and viewed in real time from anywhere in the world.

As accounting systems evolve, so do the needs of the business sector. Businesses want efficiency, mobility and convenience. Seeing that cloud technology makes this possible, Rivilė, which has been designing and implementing accounting, finance and business management systems for three decades, has also taken this route.

Meets all accounting requirements

This business management and accounting system fulfils all the requirements of quantitative and summary accounting, provides exceptional visibility of stock movements, flexible pricing of services and goods, and the adaptability of the system to the needs of a particular company.

“Today, Rivile ERP fulfils the requirements of accounting processes from full bookkeeping to profit and loss statements, and has a wide range of solutions for trading and service companies,” says Singaras Tribė, Product Manager.

For example, the cloud-based Rivile ERP system provides accurate and detailed records of inventory balances. Items are displayed at different points in the supply chain process: ordered from supplier, received in stock, booked, reserved for customer, handed over to customer before SF has been issued, customer quantity ordered, etc.

It also shows the prompt sale of goods. Rivile ERP allows you to reserve and sell goods in stock after confirmation of the quantity received from suppliers, before the purchase invoice is issued. Rivile ERP provides omnichannel commerce to retailers, enabling them to sell across multiple channels (e-commerce, wholesale, retail), fulfilling a variety of customer needs in terms of payment type, delivery of goods and order placement.

Traders and service companies also benefit from the system’s flexible pricing. Rivile ERP offers a flexible model for product pricing and promotions, e.g. percentage discounts for groups of goods and/or services, discounts for larger quantities of goods and/or services, special pricing for defined groups of customers or stores, exception management, etc.

Designed for efficient work

A trial version of the new Rivile ERP system was launched last autumn. More than 100 customers have already tested and used the system.

“It’s great to see that our customers have been pleasantly surprised – we have received a lot of good feedback. We also have users in foreign countries,” says S. Tribė. – Apparently, the fact that we pay a lot of attention to customer service helps us to grow the number of users.”

He says that if you have a query, you can register it in the system itself. And every enquiry is responded to sensitively: the customer is contacted in order to answer the question or help find a solution. In addition, a user guide is available inside the system, which provides everything you need to learn in one clear and accessible place. This allows newcomers to quickly assimilate the information they need and start working efficiently.

“Quick access to instructions and guidelines allows users to do their job more efficiently. Answers to common questions are just a click away. All this allows users to focus on the tasks that are important to them,” says the Rivile ERP product manager.

Adapts to meet specific needs

Rivile ERP is distinguished by the implementation of unique solutions.

“It is hard to find two companies with identical business processes. Practically every company has individual needs for automating its processes. We continue the good practices of our now very popular business management system Rivile GAMA and apply them to Rivile ERP, which is why we have created an automation platform that enables the realization of unique customer-specific business process solutions,” says Dr. Vilius Kontrimas, who is in charge of strategic management at Rivilė.

The integration platform developed allows the exchange of data with various systems such as e-commerce, CRM, production management applications. According to the product manager, integrity is important for companies of all sizes.

“Rivile ERP entered the market last year and we continue to develop it intensively in response to customer requests. Every week, new features are added to the application, while maintaining the stability of the user’s work with the system”, – says S. Tribe.

The modern business management and accounting software Rivile ERP and its additional benefits can be used free of charge until 1 May.

Rivilė, which has been operating for more than three decades, is one of the most popular manufacturers of business management and accounting systems in Lithuania. The functionality, flexibility and reliability of its current popular product Rivile GAMA have led to the fact that almost one in three Lithuanian companies maintains their accounts or manages their entire business with this product. It is used by small, medium and very large companies. Start-ups can grow to the size of corporations using Rivile GAMA, focusing solely on business growth. By the way, Rivile MGAMA was recently launched as a web portal for working with Rivile GAMA. “Rivile also offers additional new applications to work with Rivile GAMA: Rivile MSCAN for quick selection and inventory, Rivile EPI for e-commerce, Rivile API for connection to external systems, Rivile EDI (EKO) for electronic exchange of business data.

More about Rivile ERP: here.

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