1. Fixed status fixing mechanism. The principle of operation of the mixed-state “GAMA and MGAMA” approving in GAMA and MGAMA is unified when using the “Approve all” or “Cancel all”.
2. POS system -> POS point of sale. Improvements have been made to working with the Smart Electronic Cash Register (i.POS).

This version can be obtained:

Other news

New Rivile internet products for both new and current customers

Rivile MGAMA has been added to the JSC "Rivilė" family of online products. Rivile MGAMA - a web portal to work with the core system Rivile GAMA, focused on current and new customers, and Rivile ERP a business management

Rivile ERP – a new and innovative business management and accounting system in the cloud

“Rivile ERP”, the newest product of UAB “Rivilė”, provides an opportunity to manage and account for your business innovatively in the cloud. From now on company now offers two main products: a new cloud based product