1. Cards -> Sets: Added the ability to specify the data type for the Set field. This requires programming in the System INIT: titi_pagr.rin_xx_type=”C” && field type: “C”-symbolic (by default); „N”-Digital; „D”-date; „T”-time(must be extended to 16 characters with the function SET_ALTER(Field_NR,16)).

titi_pagr.rin_xx_sv=12 && field length ( by default, as it is in the database, lengthening can be done with the function SELECT_ALTER(Field_NR,Field_length) )

titi_pagr.rin_xx_po=4 && field length after  comma (by default 4), if titi_pagr.rin_xx_type=”N”
xx – Set field number from 01 to 15.

2. Credit Cards -> Sets: New possibility to create new Sets only in the Sets list. Sets will not be created automatically. This requires programming in the System INIT:


3. Dimensions: added the ability to specify a data type for the Dimension field. This requires programming in the System INIT:

titi_pagr.dim_xx_type=”C” && field type: „C”-simbolinis(by default); „N”- digital; „D”-date.
titi_pagr.dim_xx_sv=12 && field lenght (by default 12). Max 12.
titi_pagr.dim_xx_po=4 && field length after  comma (by default 4), if titi_pagr.dim_xx_type=”N”
xx – Dimension field number from 01 to 15.

4. Debtor/Creditor transactions -> Customer information: added Status Confirmation System. The structure of the table N78_KM has changed accordingly.

5. Debtor/Creditor transactions -> Customer notification transactions: status confirmation made. The structure of table N79_KW has changed accordingly.
Please be aware of all who replicate the information.

6. POS system -> POS point of sale: Made improvements to the Intelligent Electronic Cash Register (i.EKA). When sending goods to the fisc, if an error is reported and the POS is restarted, it will be possible to void all receipt information and the void will not be sent to i.EKA.

7. Settlements -> Payments -> Direct import from bank: When importing from some banks, more information is sent: payment code, payer’s company code etc. The updated import algorithm takes into account the newly created information.

8. Settlements -> Payments -> Direct import from bank: it is possible to write multicurrency accounts, where one bank account holds amounts in different currencies. This has led to changes in the import program and logic.
The structure of the K82_OPB table has changed accordingly.
Please note all who replicate the information.

9. Status confirmations: a print button has appeared in the list of status confirmation operations. It is possible to print a report of who has performed which approvals. A systematic form has been provided which shows the Rivile MGAMA validation form.

10. State approvals: unified mixed state (Rivile GAMA and MGAMA) approval mechanism.

11. Functions for working with EIP files: Rivile GAMA has been enhanced with features for more convenient work with EIP files:

eip_nus(tcFileEip) – EIP file is converted to cursor EIP_<Table>. For example: eip_nus(m.EXP_FILE) && transforms „” to EIP_I07

eip_add_column(tcCursor, tcField, tcType [, tcDefaultValue]) – Adds a column to the EIP cursor if none exists. For example: eip_add_column(„EIP_I07″,”i07_code_us”,”C(12)”)

eip_for(tcFileEip, tcHeaderCursor, tcDetailCursors[, tcFields]) – From the EIP cursors, an EIP file is created. For example: ip_for(m.EXP_FAILAS,”EIP_I06″,”EIP_I07,EIP_I08″,”i06_code_ks,i06_dok_nr,i06_op_date,di07_bar_code,t_quantity,i08_mok_p,i08_mok_d”)

12. Personnel > Personnel operations: in the list of Personnel operations v2, the analytical button has been extended to show immediately the filtered employee code in the Personnel list.

13. Personnel: when calculating holidays, it has been made possible to specify adjustment periods in working days.
The structure of tables K11_NORM and K13_ATKL has changed accordingly.
Please note all who replicate the information.

14. Parameters: In the Parameters list, it is now possible to specify the Personnel module separately from the Payroll module. Please note who has used the Salary parameters in the Personnel module – you will need to write down the parameters separately.

15. Parameters -> Lists of parameter values: added modules (CRM, DVS, GDPR, Personnel) and unified display of hidden values **

16. New report “English payroll” (SYSTEM001252).

17. New parameter titi_pagr.Print_list. When printing reports, the report will show from which list the printing is taking place.

18. Added the functionality to adjust the appearance of the “Phase” during the transfer of operations i.e. from the number of entries to show how fast a transaction is transferred. This requires programming in SYSTEM INIT:

xx – number of entries (default from 10 entries)

19. Sales -> Sales operations: made it possible not to exclude Sales Returns when checking the uniqueness of Sales Document numbers. The uniqueness of the Sales Documents will be checked for all Sales Documents, regardless of the type of document. This requires programming in System INIT:


This version can be obtained:


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