[CRM] Disclosure of debts (Okredo)

Debt disclosure is one of the methods to encourage customers to pay their debts.

System capabilities:

  • Generates overdue sales documents to CRM transaction list;
  • Generated debt documents can be viewed and supplemented with information;
  • Before publishing, you can send e-mail reminders about the debt. letters and delay publicizing the debt;
  • Email letters are sent and information is made public during the confirmation (transfer) of the operation;
  • All the already published debt information is updated with the click of a button;
  • Automatic updating of debt information is possible in the Okredo debtor database.

Other information, requirements:

  • System works since Rivile GAMA v117;
  • Version Access Agreement (VPS) in force;
  • Rivile GAMA – CRM workplace.

Pricing and Installation:

  • The client can install the solution independently;
  • When ordering installation and customization work – payment is made according to the actual conditions of the service contract;
  • Contact your service representative or Rivile consultant for a decision;
  • Rivile API v2 functionality is required for automatic debt update;
  • The number of Rivile API v2 requests is paid according to the fact (from €0 / month).



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