[CRM] Sending list of invoices to customers

Every month, we send our customers a list of sales documents (bills of lading and returns) issued in the previous month, so that we can check whether they have received all the documents.
System capabilities:

  • Automatic creation of a list of customers to whom information will be sent;
  • Generates a PDF report for each customer with a list of invoices;
  • Ability to preview information before sending;
  • Sending the text of the letter with an attached PDF document by e-mail;
  • After completing the task, the next task is automatically created for the next period.

Other information, requirements:

  • System works since Rivile GAMA v117;
  • Rivile GAMA – CRM workplace.

Pricing and Installation:

  • Installation and customization works (as per the terms of the service contract);
  • Contact your service representative or Rivile consultant for a decision.



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