Foxpay payment links

Collection of payments directly from the invoice:

When creating an invoice, it is possible to add the possibility of payment via online banking. When generating PDF documents, it is possible to simply upload a link, and it is also possible to encode the link with a QR code – in such cases, the customer can print the invoice, and in order to pay, he should simply scan the QR code with his smartphone.

System capabilities:

  • The possibility to create a direct payment link in the document;
  • Possibility to encode the link with a QR code;
  • When making a payment in the bank, the recipient’s bank account, recipient’s details, amount and payment destination fields are automatically filled in.

Advantages of using:

  • The work of paying bills is shortened and made easier for the client;
  • Errors are avoided when specifying the recipient’s bank account, amount and purpose of payment;
  • After creating a QR code, the invoice can be printed, and the payment link is activated after scanning the generated QRk skin;
  • After activating the payment link, the Foxpay page opens, where the customer can immediately choose his bank and make a payment after logging in;
  • Possibility to pay both via online banking and payment card.

How it works:

Several methods of operation are available depending on how the contract with Foxpay is concluded.

A) Foxpay account is opened to collect payments:

  • A Foxpay account is opened for the company;
  • All customer orders are received into the Foxpay account;
  • Foxpay transfers to your bank account periodically;
  • Foxpay provides detailed statements (via e-mail) detailing: payer, purpose of payment, amount.

B) The company’s bank account is used:

  • All customer orders are received directly into the company’s bank account;
  • Detailed statements are imported as standard as any other transfers to a bank account.

Other information, requirements:

  • Rivile GAMA v118;
  • Version Access Agreement;
  • Rivile API key;
  • Chilkat library installed.

Indicative pricing

  • Pays Foxpay for payments actually collected. The rate and other conditions are determined at the time of concluding the contract with Fo xpay;
  • Rivile is paid for using the Rivile API at a standard rate. Rivile API request – link generation.



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