Analytics with Power BI

System Capabilities:

  • Data is taken directly from the Rivile GAMA database;
  • Analysis reports for the company’s profitability, business processes and their efficiency;
  • Profit and loss statement, comparison with the previous period and the company’s budget and goals;
  • Balance sheet, comparison with the previous period and the company’s budget and goals;
  • Detailed comparison of income and expenses with the previous period and cross-sectional analysis;
  • Changes in income/expenses over time and structure by dimension;
  • Analysis of various financial indicators of the company: profitability, liquidity, long-term liquidity, debt, efficiency;
  • Report package consisting of up to six report sheets with standard visualizations, 30 metrics, 26 visualizations and 3 dimensional filters;
  • Powerful filtering capabilities with a variety of dimensional filters;
  • Data is displayed in varying levels of detail, even down to entry level.

Advantages of using the system:

  • Ability to regularly and quickly receive the company’s profit and loss statement/balance sheet reports and financial indicator results, analyze their trends, and track budget execution with the Power BI business analytics tool;
  • Additional reports or interactive dashboards can easily be created;
  • Artificial intelligence helps gain insights into the situation in the company and in decision-making;
  • Ability to connect other data sources and analyze data in various cross-sections;
  • Data is updated automatically up to eight times a day;
  • The highest GDPR-compliant safety standards;
  • Easy integration with business process automation solutions.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • The price for the package is negotiable;
  • Power BI Pro license required;
  • Additional solution functionality and development of new solutions – by separate agreement.



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