PrestaRock – Prestashop integration

Rivile GAMA integration is carried out by agreeing an ordering scheme with the customer, during which order statuses are entered into the system and the order path through the systems is agreed. The delivery status of the courier can be automatically tracked if required.

Our solution covers both B2C and B2B:

  • The desired product information is retrieved from the Rivile GAMA system;
  • The B2C price and the stripped price (share) are obtained;
  • Received balances (for sales and if you want to show balances for physical stores);
  • B2B information is captured – prices for groups of customers or prices for a specific customer contract;
  • A reserve is created in Rivile GAMA at the time of booking;
  • When a change occurs in Rivile GAMA, the status of the shipment is retrieved and displayed in the e-shop (change of status);
  • An invoice is received from Rivile GAMA, attached to a letter and sent to the customer, with a final status;
  • (optionally, if desired) integrates shipment tracking to automatically change the status to “delivered”.

Our import module is programmed in such a way that it is not affected by direct changes to the PrestaShop database during version upgrades.

The module has a notification system that informs the e-shop administrator about the completed import. The emails contain information about import statuses, queues, etc.

All this information is also visible in the administration section of the e-shop. If necessary, the e-shop administrator can run the import manually using the e-shop control panel.

The module has been developed in collaboration and coordination with Rivile.




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