Pages for Business – Prestashop plugin

Module for two-way data exchange between Prestashop and Rivile GAMA. Sending orders to Rivile GAMA and updating product balances by e-mail. in the store.

System capabilities:

  • As needed, product balances are updated by e-mail. in the store;
  • Price update / synchronization;
  • Importing new orders from e-mail shops to Rivile GAMA;
  • Separation of natural/legal persons;
  • Selecting the type of imported documents;
  • Import delivery of goods as sales code or service.

Advantages of using:

  • Automatic update of balances and prices will ensure that your email the store only sells items that you have in stock. And after selling e. the amount of goods in the store will automatically decrease in the Rivile GAMA system;
  • Orders made by e-mail in the store, will automatically be transferred to Rivile GAMA as bills of lading or orders;
  • Updating prices will save you a lot of time managing pricing in just one system. The prices of promotions carried out in the electronic store will not be affected.

Other information, requirements:

  • Rivile Versions Access Agreement in force;
  • Rivile API v2 (REST);
  • Prestashop 1.7+.

Indicative price of the system:

  • 130 eur. / year + VAT;
  • Number of Rivile API v2 requests by fact (from €0 / month).



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