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Tax Professional subscription is a daily resource for 3500+ companies doing business in Lithuania and ranging from SME’s to multinational corporations. As part of the subscription service, accountants and CFOs are regularly updated on important changes in taxation, clear practical tips and use-cases, which enable a do-it-yourself approach to daily situations. The subscription and content is managed by MERITS, arguably one the most recommended tax advisors in Lithuania. The subscription is the leading source of tax/accounting knowledge.

Timely and filtered information in 7 minutes

Your accountant shall receive regular taxation updates and their real-life implications to you and your business. SUFLERIS subscription provides advance notice and tips on pending changes for a timely preparation. A daily newsletter informs you on relevant topics, filters important updates and prevents accounting mistakes. All of that typically takes only 7 minutes per day.

Practical application of acquired knowledge

SUFLERIS streams monthly webinars on all practical aspects of taxation and accounting. Subscribers have the option to participate in online Q&As, with top tax advisors answering their questions. The basic subscription includes relevant supporting material and searchable video recordings of the webinars. 9000+ use cases in SUFLERIS’ professional database are all available for immediate subscriber use. Practical application of acquired knowledge.

Development of professional qualifications

Your accountant shall learn from the best in what is essentially a classroom of top Lithuanian accountants. Learning from others is a key component of the SUFLERIS subscription. The MERITS tax team filter out the noise and select the relevant information, necessary for your accountant’s professional development.



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