System options:

With Taxivity you can automatically analyse all essential areas of corporate financial accounting and get highly detailed results. Upon loading of the SAF-T file, you can perform automatic technical, logical, tax, accounting and financial tests to identify discrepancies, tax risks, their causes and sources, and ensure the quality and control of accounting data.


  • Verification of data submitted to the Tax Inspectorate (SAF-T);
  • Automation and accurate internal audit methods;
  • Identification of the causes and sources of business management system (BMS) errors;
  • Intuitive interface with external auditors;
  • Data integrity and quality control;
  • Importing a SAF-T file with one button click;
  • Unlimited processing of large SAF-T files;
  • Convenient navigation in large data sets;
  • Unlimited number of users and convenient role management;
  • Automatic updates of tax compliance rules;
  • Adding additional audit rules;
  • Data aggregation and archiving;
  • Risk analysis;
  • Maintenance, support and consultations.

Indicative system price:

  • Price from 50 EUR/month. + VAT (depending on the company size);
  • The price includes maintenance and support services.



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