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Technical IT consultant

Rivile has been in business for three decades, designing and implementing business management and accounting systems for businesses looking to grow. The core system, Rivile GAMA, is used to keep the accounts of almost one in three Lithuanian companies and/or to manage their entire business.

“Rivile is a company that develops and implements business management and accounting systems, committed to its values of positivity, growth, professionalism and responsibility. In addition to these values, we are looking for new talent to share our commitment to quality and innovation.

If you have a high level of understanding of technological solutions, are customer service oriented and your values are aligned with ours, you could be exactly what we need. We invite you to join our team as a Technical IT Consultant and be part of our growing community.

Here, you’ll not only find a job, but also an environment where your opinion is valued, professionalism is encouraged and an atmosphere where every employee counts.


  • We are committed to delivering the services required and requested by the client in a proper, timely and agreed manner.
  • We value our clients’ problems and needs, and we are committed to understanding and assessing them professionally.
  • We are ready to help the customer, answering the customer’s call or enquiry within the time limit.


I. Providing the necessary technical support for the Rivile GAMA business management system to business customers.

  • Installation, migration, upgrade of Microsoft SQL servers, Rivile GAMA and related products for customers.
  • Preparation of new workstations, configuration of additional workstations.
  • Installing Rivile GAMA Gateway.
  • Assisting clients with integration with email servers, configuring networks, printers, workstations/servers (Windows) and other technical issues.

II. Advising and assisting business customers on IT issues while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

  • Identifying customer problems and needs, professionally assessing them and providing possible solutions.
  • Delivering the services required and requested by clients in a proper, timely and agreed manner.
  • Keeping clients informed about the progress of work and the final result.


  • You have a university degree or higher in mathematics, IT or other exact sciences.
  • You have more than 4 years of experience in the use or implementation of business management systems and experience in advising clients on the use of business management systems.
  • Have good problem-solving (debugging) skills.
  • You know how the various Windows subsystems and TCP/IP computer networks work.
  • Knowledge of computer architecture, installation and maintenance of computer networks and equipment.
  • You are able to configure databases, email and printers.


Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, SAP SQL Anywhere Server, SQL, FoxPro.


  • Fixed salary between EUR 2000.00 and EUR 3000.00 (gross).
  • Annual bonuses based on the achievement of the company’s overall objectives.
  • Hybrid working model, events, internal initiatives.
  • A growing company in a growing and very stable sector.
  • Low turnover, friendly staff, respect for the worker in finding consensus on important issues.
  • The opportunity to work with some of the largest organizations in Lithuania, helping them solve their challenges.


If your skills, knowledge and experience are a good match for the position of Technical IT Consultant, we will be in touch within two weeks.