System capabilities:

  • Analytical data storage – an analytical data storage created in the SAP IQ database environment;
  • 28 analytical dimensions for presenting, filtering and grouping of information;
  • 20 analytical facts for operational insights;
  • Information management processes – information extraction, processing and storage processes created using SAP Data Services.
  • List of analytical concepts – a unified list of analytical concepts created using SAP BusinessObjects BI;
  • 2220+ analytical concepts for full performance analysis;
  • Visual analysis screen – the initial visual analysis screen created using SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud;
  • Single truth using a unified analytical environment, consisting of a data storage, information management processes and a list of analytical concepts.


  • A unified solution, covering the full range of analytical functions from analytical data storage and information management processes to performance analysis, information distribution and forecasting;
  • A user-friendly environment that allows everyone to easily develop and improve the analytical environment. The list of analytical operational concepts facilitates individual work of analysts;
  • Smart forecasting and analytical insight solutions will help to reveal what lies in your information sheets;
  • A rapid solution across all stages of analytics life cycle – rapid installation, rapid development, and of course rapid analysis;
  • Flexibility to create and develop an analytical system or learn to do it yourself in both customer and cloud environments;
  • Quality assurance from the first step of the implementation of the analytical solution;
  • An affordable business analytics solution for everyone;
  • Licenses for SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP IQ, SAP Data Services and SAP Analytics Cloud for BI are not included in the price of the solution.

Preliminary price of the system:

  • €8,000 + VAT



JSC BI Spectrum

Rivile Product

Rivile GAMA