Artificial intelligence project

Our core business is the development and installation of accounting, financial, CRM and ERP systems at Lithuanian and foreign companies. Our ERP and accounting system is used by small, medium-sized and large enterprises. Rivile is one of the most popular systems in the Lithuanian market, with more than 30,000 companies using it to keep their records and manage their business.

It is very important for our customers to be able to forecast the demand for goods and other variables that change over time, which is why we have started a research and development project entitled “R&D for time series forecasting/management technology based on artificial intelligence and statistical methods.”

The aim of the project is to develop a technology for forecasting and managing time-varying quantities based on artificial intelligence and statistical methods. The planned project duration is 24 months.

During the project, research will be carried out, knowledge will be accumulated and systematized, new technology will be developed worldwide, and prototypes of new products will be developed and tested on its basis. After the project, we will turn the prototypes into tools that are convenient for our customers.

Part of the project will be financed by the company, and part of it will be financed by European Union structural funds and will contribute to implementation of the “Intelligence. Joint science-business projects” measure.

Funded by the European Union.